Fin Turns 4

It all started here, 4 years ago when Fin came into the world. No wasting time with this one. Just like his birth being efficient and to the point, so is he – he has good German genes in him. No messing around here. But he is also one of the calmest, kindest, gentlest and most thoughtful kids I know. It takes a while to get close to him, but once you do, he is loyal to a T. I have no idea how we got the most amazing little boy – he’s been so gracious to us and it’s been cool seeing his journey into his own little self. It truly is a strange thing to think about the passage of time when you have kids – it just seems that much more poignant for some reason. Probably because their growth is a visual indicator of it. Finley Cole's Birth Print Ready-42IMG_2717

We are celebrating with friends today and I made this. It just wouldn’t be a birthday in our house without a Frakencake. Truly, I was aiming for the left but what I got was the right. To get the sprinkles to go onto the side of the cake, you have to pick up the cake and roll it along in a tray of the stuff. Needless to say, I managed to keep the cake intact but in the process knocked a whole bottle of sprinkles on the floor and now I’ll be vacuuming those up for months to come. Also, I have to clue how to get a flat topped cake – cut it, I suppose, but with the skills I have with my dull knives, I was better off leaving it alone. It was also my first attempt at buttercream and the cake/icing is a lemon flavour. All I have to say is props to all your professional bakers out there – I like to foray into your world twice a year (one more coming up for the hubby) just to keep it real.

Happy Birthday Fin!


Birth photo: Emily Sayward