Christmas Bouquet // V&J Plant Shop

I went to Granville Island today with the intention to only get some rubs from the Metropolitan Chef, but of course in true fashion, I became sidetracked by everything else and ended up with this gorgeous bouquet in one arm, a German sausage in one hand and a bag of truffle vinegar and pitted Kalamata olives in a bag slung in my other hand. I have to say, I really enjoyed my morning there and I’m glad I left when I did because I was eying the steaks and also the cheese counter at Benton Brothers. Far too many good things at Granville Island to eat.

But I made a stop at V&J Plant Shop, one of my favourite places to browse around in. They had all kinds of lovely wintery things and rather than purchase a few individual stems, I asked if they would make a winter posy for me specifically including the red berry and the cone leuchadendron. They then added the red rannuculas and some winter greens for finish. As I was in line for my lunch, I had gotten a few comments about the lovely bouquet and I couldn’t wait to get home and do this! I knew the colours would look amazing with our aging reclaimed shipyard wood dinner table and the little but lovely light we get from our basement dining room window. I’m super happy with how these turned out and am feeling rather festive.

Also, if you are interested in seeing more flower imagery, I did a Romantic Blooms series a few years ago featuring flowers from V&J. I am quite obsessed with well-arranged, high-quality bouquets, especially heritage blooms like hydrangeas, roses, peonies and the like. I am considering possibly doing another flower series in the spring when the variety will be greater, but am still pondering it at the moment. I don’t like doing the same thing twice, so I might put a new and different twist on it.

But for now, I hope these are putting a Christmas smile on your face. Happy Tuesday!