Cherry Blossoms and Spring Flowers

It’s no joke that I really like my flowers. I like them yellow, I like them blue, I like them pink – I especially like them pink. And as it turns out, spring is one of my favourites for that reason alone. The colours, the textures, the shapes, the warmer weather too – all of these things just make my heart happy. I can get really bogged down in the details sometimes and flowers let me indulge in that. It doesn’t help that I have a macro lens either.

I went out into my hood this morning to take my brand new Canon Mark III for a try after spending an entire afternoon pouring over the manual and the controls on it. I have to admit, it’s a bit scary to go through all of that for this technophobe but I think I managed to get all the settings right the way I like them. At least, judging from things below, I think it did rather marvelously.

The camelia and muscari are taken from our neighbors property. Yes, I trespassed today but it’s OK because they are tearing the place down which makes me rather sad. I want to somehow save this rather large camelia tree – it’s in perfect form and just on the verge of exploding into blooms. I’m sad to think this will be the last year I get to enjoy it. And the large swath of muscari in their backyard is just so lovely. I want to go back there and dig it all up and put it in our garden. And of course, there is always the obligatory cherry blossom photographic opportunity and it’s too easy for me, just down the block. Once you start with these, it’s hard to stop.

I thought these might cheer your Monday, wherever you are, so enjoy!

Taken with Canon Mark III with Canon EF Macro 100mm f/2.8